Milling Cutters

Near endless tool life

Producing flat surfaces with a good surface finish quality or demanding cavities with a high metal removal rate?
Milling operations are the some of the most versatile machining operations in metal cutting. Depending on the application Guhring provides suitable milling tools. Our programme stretches from allrounder to specialists, from conventional to modern HPC/HSC strategies such as trochoidal milling or iMachining (SolidCAM).

Milling to the highest perfection

RF 100 Ratio end mills


RF 100 Diver with internal cooling optimised for drilling and milling

Ratio®-high-performance roughing end mills with flat knuckle-type teeth

Ratio®-high-performance roughing end mills

Optimised roughing geometry for a higher metal removal rate: 60% longer tool life

The new Ratio® high-performance roughing end mills have gone through several geometry adaptations in order to drastically increase the metal removal rate and to prolong the tool life by up to 60 percent compared to similar tools on the market.

The new roughing geometry distinguishes itself thanks to a constant diameter flute run-out to protect the area under stress and a deeper, rounder flute geometry. Thanks to larger flutes small chips are produced for improved chip evacuation. In contrast to the conventional geometry the roughing geometry is asymmetrically designed. The more stable asymmetrical cutting knuckles produce a smooth rough-finish surface. This reduces the cutting pressure in comparison to smooth cutting milling cutters.

The smooth cutting operation makes the application possible on less powerful machines or with unstable clamping conditions. Thanks to the new tool material DK400N the roughing cutters are now significantly tougher and have less of a tendency to crumbling of the cutting edges. By utilising the full cutting edge length a higher metal removal rate is achieved. Also the tool life scores points with a plus of up to 60 % compared to similar tools on the market.

Performance plus at a glance

The improved performance capability of the roughing cutter is due to its optimised roughing geometry and the new tool material DK400N. It results in shorter chips and longer tool life. By utilising the entire cutting edge length a higher metal removal rate can be achieved. In addition, the roughing cutter achieves up to 60% longer tool life with high process reliability. Therefore, it is also suitable for less powerful machines and unstable clamping conditions.

Different options for a wide range of machining tasks

There are various options of roughing cutters available. The RF 100 U Ratio end mill is suitable for universal application, RF 100 VA for the machining of stainless steels and RF 100 A for the machining of aluminium.

RF 100 SPEED – HPC milling in steel and VA

With the new RF 100 Speed, the sharpest and fastest HPC milling cutter in Guhring’s Ratio programme is available on the market. It distinguishes itself thanks to a steep helix of 48° and its unequal cutting edge distribution for a smooth and quiet cutting operation. The milling tools are available in various designs. 

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RF 100 Ti Aircraft – high-performance milling cutter for titanium- and special alloys

Its toughness, chemical resistance and low thermal expansion makes titanium indispensable for highly stressed components as applied, for example, in the aviation industry. At the same time, these characteristics create enormous machining difficulties. Guhring’s RF 100 Ti Aircraft was especially developed to meet these requirements.

Guhring RF 100 Ti

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Ratio end mill 100 Ti Aircraft possesses a special face geometry enabling process reliable milling, slotting and roughing in special and titanium-alloys. An optimised chip chamber possesses a deeper flute in the frontal cutting edge area for improved chip evacuation. Furthermore, the transition angle of RF 100 Ti Aircraft provides the Ratio end mill more stability. The optimised corner radius ensures long tool life.

Even more performance with less tool wear: Guhring’s ZENIT

As a special tool RF 100 Ti Aircraft is also available with ZENIT-coating. Developed to improve the performance of the tool in titanium-alloys regarding tool life and cutting parameters, the ZENIT-coating also reduces the formation of built-up edges when machining aluminium and titanium. Where Ti-based coatings have the tendency to bind with the material to be machined, the zirconium nitride based coating ZENIT chemically reacts only slowly with titanium and titanium-alloys. A reduction in cutting edge stresses and friction forces results in longer tool life.

RF 100 Ti Aircraft in application

  • Application: Wet machining in TiAl6V4

    Cutting parameters:
    ap: 24 mm         ae: up to 0.53 mm
    vc: 155 m/min    S: 4125 min-1
    fz: up to 0.18 mm  vf: up to 3100 mm/min

    Metal removal rate: Q = 36 cm³/min
    Tool life in excess of 135min for roughing

RF 100 Ti Aircraft in application
RF 100 Ti Aircraft in application
RF100 Ti Aircraft, Art. 3498 12,020, structural aviation component

HPC & HSC milling - maximum optimised application examples

Application example - material 16MnCr5

RF 100 Speed, #6761, Ø 16 mm, HPC clamping chuck + PINLock-protection

vc 410 m/min fz 0.450 mm hm 0.123 mm
ae 1.2 mm ap 45 mm vf 14690 mm/min
Q = 793 cm³/min

Application example - material 16MnCr5

Application example - material Hardox 400®

RF 100 U, #3871, Ø 20 mm, Weldon chuck

vc 200 m/min fz 0.180 mm hm 0.049 mm
ae 1.5 mm ap 55 mm vf 2290 mm/min
Q = 189 cm³/min

Application example - material Hardox 400®

HPC & HSC milling – strategy comparison

Application comparison material 42CrMo4


RF 100 Diver, #6736, Ø 12 - Z4, Weldon chuck

vc 300 m/min fz 0.120 mm
n 7960 U/min vf 3820 mm/min
ae 1.5 mm ap 24 mm
Q = 138 cm³/min

5 radial feeds per 
1200 mm path 
Machining time = 1.34 min

Application comparison material 42CrMo4 Guhring Diver


HPC milling cutter, Ø 16 - Z4, Weldon chuck

vc 140 m/min fz 0.070 mm
n 2790 U/min vf 780 mm/min
ae 7.5 mm ap 12 mm
Q = 70 cm³/min

2 axial feed per 
1200 mm path 
Machining time = 3.05 min

Application comparison material 42CrMo4 Competition

Application comparison material 1.4301


RF 100 SF, #3632, Ø 16 - Z6, Weldon chuck

vc 160 m/min fz 0.100 mm
n 3185 U/min vf 1910 mm/min
ae 1.2 mm ap 30 mm
Q = 69 cm³/min

10 radial feeds per 
900 mm path 
Machining time = 4.43 min

Application comparison material 1.4301 Guhring


Indexable insert milling cutter Ø 25 - Z3

vc 200 m/min fz 0.120 mm
n 2550 U/min vf 920 mm/min
ae 12 mm ap 2 mm
Q = 22 cm³/min

5 axial feeds per 
900 mm path 
Machining time = 14.40 min

Application comparison material 1.4301 Competition

Application overview

This overview assists in assigning Guhring’s high-performance milling cutters to the material and strategy selection:
Tools allocated at the bottom are for conventional milling with large feeds and reduced cutting data. The further up the tools are allocated, the lower the lateral feed. However, higher cutting values are applied.

Application overview Guhring’s high-performance milling cutters
Application overview Guhring’s high-performance milling cutters

Milling cutter selection made easy: Guhring Quickfinder 

You are searching for a high-performance milling cutter for a roughing operation in steel? This is how to find it:

Milling cutter selection made easy: Guhring Quickfinder

1) Steel, aluminium, stainless? Whatever material you are machining we have a suitable tool. Begin with the material selection!

2) Do you wish to apply your milling cutters for roughing or plunging? No problem. Select the column with the desired application!

3) Unstable conditions or high-performance cutting? Depending on machine conditions and cutting parameters orientate yourself on the milling conditions available to you!

4) You have found your ideal milling cutter and will be referred to the respective catalogue page with dimensions and cutting data.

Guhring Quickfinder

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