Whether cast iron, drawn aluminium or aluminium wrought alloys, stainless and acid resistant steels, high-tensile or general steels – Guhring’s PowerTap series promises powerful taps for the most popular threads in most materials.

Golden Power „Made in Germany“

A golden colour ring provides the visual identification of Guhring’s Powertap series. It indicates: With PowerTap universal taps you’ll always be spot-on. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies guarantee maximum quality. “Made in Germany“ at an unbeatable price-performance-ratio. 

Specifically for the production of universal taps 

Guhring has developed special manufacturing facilities on which the high-precision geometries of the PowerTap are ground. 

Broad application spectrum thanks to optimised geometry

The special geometry of Guhring’s PowerTaps makes them genuine all-rounders and enables outstanding machining results in a broad application spectrum. Thanks to an optimal cutting edge geometry a long and constant tool life is achieved. 

The straight-fluted taps for through holes as well as the spiral tools for blind holes achieve optimal machining results thanks to high-precision cutting edge geometries.

Optimal tool materials and forms

HSS-E as well as HSS-E-PM quality steel are applied as tool materials. These are refined with TiN-coatings to maximise the performance of PowerTap universal taps and to achieve higher feed rates as well as a longer tool life. 

Besides the classic forms B and C for machine taps Guhring’s PowerTap programme also includes specialists with short chamfer lead Form E. With blind hole machining this form enables the production of threaded holes where the thread depth reaches as close as possible to the base of the hole. 

Universal taps of the PowerTap series are available ex-stock with immediate effect for the most important thread types and thread sizes.

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