RF 100 Diver with internal cooling optimised for drilling and milling

Programme extension for ramping, drilling, slotting, roughing & finishing

RF 100 Diver has established itself with customers that require high flexibility. The Ratio end mill covers five operations with one tool: It can perform drilling, ramping, slotting, roughing and finishing operations. As well as a programme extension Guhring is now introducing an innovation in the coolant delivery sector: Internal cooling optimised for both milling and drilling. 

Where drilling tools rely on axial coolant ducts and milling tools on radial coolant ducts, RF 100 Diver offers both, in order to optimally cool and protect the face as well as the circumference geometry when drilling and plunging. Guhring’s decades of know-how in the production of carbide as well as FEM optimisation ensure maximum efficiency in cooling lubrication, chip evacuation and tool stability.

  • Up to 40 % longer tool life
  • for sticky materials
  • for stainless and heat resistant materials
  • for process reliable drilling and plunging  
  • HPC machining

In addition to the new development of the milling cutter face, Guhring is introducing a comprehensive product programme extension onto the market. 

The new RF 100 Diver is available  in the following designs:


  • for less powerful machines & clamping conditions  
  • for turning centres & driven tools  
  • specially for slotting with smaller milling cutter dimensions

4-fluted short

  • for more stability when slotting  
  • up to 25 % higher feed rate  
  • reduced deflection


  • for stable machines & clamping conditions  
  • High-performance milling with maximum cutting speeds
Guhring RF 100 Diver
Guhring RF 100 Diver

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