Our product portfolio

Drilling Tools

Sophisticated drill technology

In 1898 Guhring produced the first HSS drill and remains true to its beginnings. Our variety of drilling tools is unparalleled in the market.
The product range stretches from micro-precision drills Ø 0.05 mm to special solutions with Ø 180 mm and from HSS to solid carbide or PCD.

Milling Cutters

Near endless tool life

Do you require the production of flat surfaces with a good surface quality or complex cavities with a high metal removal rate? Milling operations  count as some of the most versatile machining operations in the metal cutting industry. Depending on the application Guhring provides suitable milling cutters. Our programme stretches from all-rounder to specialists, from conventional to cutting-edge HPC / HSC strategies such as trochoidal milling or imachining.

Threading Tools

Form perfect threads

Tools for the production of threads have a critical task in common: They are applied at the end of the production chain, when component parts or individual parts are practically finished. Guhring threading tools operate with process reliability – perfect for a demanding machining task at the end of the production chain.


Perfectly reaming results in all diameters

A reamer is the most common tool for the production of tolerance and form accurate holes with a high surface finish quality. The latter corresponds to finishing or fine finishing, i.e. approximately Ra 0.2 to 6.5 µm according to DIN 4766.

Grooving Systems

NEW in the portfolio

With its new grooving systems Guhring extends the product portfolio with stationary tools for turning operations. In addition to the world-wide most comprehensive programme of rotary cutting tools we have added the subject area turning and grooving tools.

Countersinking Tools

For mechanical finishing of hole entry and hole exit we provide a comprehensive standard range of countersinking and de-burring tools, including the world-wide first solid carbide tools for the mechanical de-burring of hole entry and exit.

Gun Drills

A suitable drill for every task

As a rule, from a diameter-length-ratio of 15xD one speaks of gun drilling. Gun drills are, for example, applied for the machining of camshafts, crankshafts, drive shafts, injectors, drill pipes for oil production, in medical technology or the food industry.  Depending on the hole requirements, the machine conditions, the batch size and the drilling depth Guhring determines the most economically efficient tool option.


Our long-term core expertise

The development and manufacture of PCD/PCBN tools is part of Guhring’s core expertise for over 30 years. At production locations all over the world innovative complex tools with PCD/PCBN cutting edges are created for highly specialised machining operations.

Clamping Systems

Precision is a setting-up matter

From spindle to cutting edge: To achieve a perfect machining result from one supplier Guhring also provides modular tool holders and tools.

Multi-functional tooling system GE 100

Efficient end machining

Facing, turning, internal and external chamfering of pipes and rods in only one operating step. The flexibility of this modular tooling solution again and again turns the standard tool GE 100 into a “special tool” for the most varying of machining tasks – and this ex-stock.

Special Product Lines

Product lines for any requirement

We have designed our special programmes to meet the various requirements of our customers: Common to all is 100% stock availability. Thanks to the production of popular dimensions in large quantities under optimal production conditions, we can offer our customers unique price-performance structures. They include cost-efficient tools for small and medium batch sizes as well as high-tech tools with outstanding performance.


… precise …flexible …innovative

At both production locations in Nuremberg and Lützen/Zorbau Hollfelder-Gühring Cutting Tools designs and manufactures precision tools to meet the highest demands on modern CNC, turning, milling, grinding, laser and eroding machines.

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